We strive to grow healthy, tasty, and humanely raised birds primarily focusing on two types of meat birds, the large-breasted Cornish-Cross and the slow-growing incredibly tasty red feather broiler from France known as Freedom Rangers. The birds arrive at our farm as baby chicks and are moved to pasture within three weeks where they enjoy munching on fresh pasture, bugs and get plenty of fresh air. 

If you are looking for a humanely raised, organic-fed, supremely tasty chicken - you have come to the right place! Our birds are grown only during the peak of the season to ensure maximum tastiness. When the weather in the northeast begins to warm in earnest, typically by late-April, our birds are moved to pasture so they can live a healthy and comfortable life where they consume large amounts of growing forage. The birds consumption of green forage is what makes our birds taste and texture so amazing.  You are what you eat and eating fresh forage combined with organic grains really does result in a tasty bird.  

This philosophy limits our production capacity but also ensures our birds are always grown in a healthy environment which benefits both the birds, the pastures, and your plate! 

In a typical season we harvest our first birds in late May and conclude our harvest by the end of October.  Fresh birds are available on the farm 1-2x per month.  Check our on-line store for availability.

We move our meat birds every day to ensure they have access to fresh, clean pasture and to help stimulate pasture regrowth.

We move our meat birds every day to ensure they have access to fresh, clean pasture and to help stimulate pasture regrowth.


Our birds are currently processed off farm at a USDA inspected facility.  Each bird is hand inspected for wholesomeness and quality and kept fresh for several days after processing then quickly frozen in our energy efficient freezers.


Our meat chickens are well-muscled birds and require a high quality balanced feed ration in order to meet their maximum tastiness. We pay great attention to the quality and maintenance of our pastures to ensure the birds are consuming as much green, healthy forage as possible. In large part, their consumption of clovers and grasses play a big role in ensuring a flavorful bird. The pastures provide anywhere from 5-25% of the total nutritional needs of our birds with the rest of their diet provided by a certified organic grain mixture of soybeans, corn, oats, wheat, vitamins, minerals, a mix of probiotics (lactobaccilus acidophilus) and grit (granite bits which aid digestion).

We have worked hard over the years to find the freshest and highest quality feed ration available in New England. To this end we work closely with family owned Green Mountain Feeds located in Vermont.  Our feed is custom milled for us using certified organic grains including probiotics, flax seed, and whole grains.   No antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or synthetics of any kind pass the beaks of our birds! Our feed is certified organic which means no GMO-grown corn or soy!


Our chickens can be reserved online in the early spring and are also available most of the time, frozen, in our Farm Store located in the barn.  We sell whole and 1/2 chickens, legs/thighs, backs, boneless breast and giblets.  All items are subject to availability.



We have hundreds of beautiful free-ranging hens which live on lush green pasture in the Spring, Summer, and Fall and provide us (and you!) with wonderful fresh and very tasty eggs. Our birds enjoy all the freedoms a chicken should have. They are sheltered in large "henmobiles" which provide them with cover from the weather and also contain their water systems and nest boxes to lay eggs. The mobile coops are a weather tight home for the birds. The eggs are collected every day and cleaned with fresh warm water, if necessary, we use no harsh chemicals, chlorine or soaps....just elbow grease!

The hens live a stress free life, living on their own terms with plenty of space to roam, graze, nap and scratch.

During the harsh New England winter the birds live in a large greenhouse where they enjoy the warmer temperatures and clean sunshine.  Just as with our meat birds, the chickens are fed a diet of vegetarian grains from Green Mountain Feeds - a certified organic feed company located in Vermont. Occasionally we feed the birds alfalfa, kelp for minerals, oyster shells for hard egg shells, a probiotic to help them maintain a healthy guy and we also feed them grit (granite bits) to assist their digestion. 


Our eggs can be purchased from our self-serve Farm Store in the barn at Codman Community Farms in Lincoln and can also be found at various retailers in the area.

Our growing list of partners that retail or serve our eggs include :

  • Debras Natural Gourmet, West Concord
  • Hutchins Farm, Concord, seasonally
  • Barrett's Mill Farm, Concord, seasonally
  • Walden Woods Farm, Concord, seasonally
  • Sofra, Cambridge, seasonally
  • 80 Thoreau restaurant, Concord, seasonally
  • Brookline Grown market, Brookline, seasonally
  • World PEAs CSA, Lowell, seasonally for their CSA members

Our eggs are not graded or sized with shell color varying from light brown to dark chocolate brown. While each carton contains a mixture of sizes, the total weight always equals at least what a normal "large" carton would weigh. The eggs are beautiful inside and out and will no doubt be the best you've ever tasted. Eggs are $8.00 /Jumbos, $7.50 / dozen, $4.00 / half-dozen direct from us. For a short time in spring, we sell pullet eggs from our newly laying (young) hens (their first eggs until they size up) for $5.00/dozen.



Our pigs are raised outdoors on large fields of pasture and woodlands. The pigs have many acres to root and munch on grass, clovers, flowering wild plants and herbs as well as to dig up cool, deep mud holes. We constantly monitor the impact the pigs have on the land and adjust their access and rotations according to the needs of the land and the pigs. Often the pigs are rotated through several paddocks to self-harvest crops such as oats and peas, rye, sudan grass and barley. The pigs are also allowed continuous access to a balanced blend of vegetarian grain and supplemented daily with fresh vegetables from the farm as well as apples and acorns from nearby farms, as available.


Our pork is great because we understand how to finish our pigs. "Finishing" refers to the final two+ months of care and feed provided to any animal. This period of time determines in large part how the animal will taste. It's vital to provide sufficient food sources for sufficient fattening and marbling of the muscle, which contributes to tenderness and juiciness. The type of feed also affects the flavor of the meat.

With this in mind, all of our pigs are finished on a custom grain ration from Green Mountain Feeds - a certified organic feed company located in Vermont. This final organic feed ration contains NO SOY and little corn. Organic barley, field peas, and wheat comprise most of the ration. This feed helps flavor the meat, firms up and clarifies the fat (so if you are into charcuterie the fat will be firm, not mushy), and improves the overall quality of our pork. We know of no other farm using such a ration!

In addition, for our Fall-finished pigs we try to bring in apples or provide mast to the pigs in the form or acorns! You know what they say...you are what you eat. Eating sweet apples and tasty nuts = sweet flavorful and tasty meat!

Most of our pigs are "harvested" from late summer thru December with cuts available soon after. We offer whole hogs for sale as well as many different "sampler packs" which include assorted high-value cuts including chops, country-style ribs, sausage and hams. Bacon and other smoked products are sold separately as well as included in our "Smokin' Sampler."


We grow ONLY heritage breed pigs. We want the hardiness of the older breeds as well as the old-time taste and bit of fattiness that contributes to great tasting pork. No farmers-hybrids or pure white pigs here. Only the best breeds combined with healthy life outdoors make the best pork.  

We also occasionally grow Mangalitsa pigs...a pig that is rare and sought after by the finest chefs and pork enthusiasts!  




We maintain a small herd of registered Red Devon's.  These beautiful heritage animals are 100% Grass Fed - we feed them no grains, silage, or synthetic anything.  Red Devon's are an old hardy breed which thrive on grass and living outdoors.  During the warmer months you can see our cattle grazing the fields throughout Lincoln.  We rotationally graze the cows to ensure they have continuous access to fresh grass which also helps maintain and improve our pastures and soil fertility.  

A wide variety of beef cuts are available in our farm store, stop by today!



Flowers bloom at the corner of Codman and Lincoln Roads at Codman Farm’s Pick Your Own Flower Garden.  It's a small but robust patch of perennial and annual flowers.  Make your own bouquet today!


  • 25¢ per stem or $1 for large blooms.
  • $1: Irises, Sunflowers, Delphiniums, Peonies
  • 25¢: all other flowers, please leave buds

Beautify your home and help the Farm!

Jen harvesting tasty cherry tomatoes!

Jen harvesting tasty cherry tomatoes!

Veggie Gardens

Beginning in 2016 we began converting one of the small pastures on the farm to a small market garden.  We have added hundreds of fruit trees, perennial fruiting plants (think raspberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries) and a small market garden where we are growing greens, and other staple crops folks enjoy adding to our delicious proteins.  We manage our entire farm using organic growing methods.  All our food is clean and tasty!