Running on Sun

Soon the sun will be running our buildings, as well as growing our pastures. (photo credit: Eli Newell)

Soon the sun will be running our buildings, as well as growing our pastures. (photo credit: Eli Newell)

I am thrilled to say that we will soon gather all of Codman’s power from the sun! Work will begin shortly to install solar panels on the roofs of three of our barns, generating all of our electricity needs by this summer. This is a key piece of our vision for the development of Codman, as outlined in our Vision 2020 Capital Campaign, - enhancing sustainability by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and our carbon emissions. Our buildings will become effectively net-zero, as we convert to high-efficiency electric heat pumps, replacing our inefficient and costly propane heating systems.

Because of our nature as a non-profit operating on town-owned property, this was a joint project, made possible by cooperation between and contributions from both us and the Town of Lincoln, and we are proud to be the first town-owned facility to go solar. We are funding the solar panels and installation, and the town is covering the re-shingling of the roof, which is only possible thanks to the people of Lincoln, who voted to approve the re-shingling project at town meeting. We are so grateful to the people and organizations that came together to make this happen, through time, effort, or financial support. These partnerships range from individuals throughout Lincoln, to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. We are lucky to be supported by such a wonderful community, and I am personally amazed to see the coming together of will, knowledge and ability to make this happen.

Read more about the project details and the many partners who worked with us in the Lincoln Squirrel, and look out for signs of construction starting up on the farm soon! If you have questions about our move towards being net-zero, stop by and ask, or send us a note.

See you around!

~ Jon