We have hundreds of beautiful free-ranging hens which live on lush green pasture in the Spring, Summer, and Fall and provide us (and you!) with wonderful fresh and very tasty eggs. Our birds enjoy all the freedoms a chicken should have. They are sheltered in large "henmobiles" which provide them with cover from the weather and also contain their water systems and nest boxes to lay eggs. The mobile coops are a weather tight home for the birds. The eggs are collected every day and cleaned with fresh warm water, if necessary, we use no harsh chemicals, chlorine or soaps....just elbow grease!

The hens live a stress free life, living on their own terms with plenty of space to roam, graze, nap and scratch.

During the harsh New England winter the birds live in a large greenhouse where they enjoy the warmer temperatures and clean sunshine.  Just as with our meat birds, the chickens are fed a diet of vegetarian grains from Green Mountain Feeds - a certified organic feed company located in Vermont. Occasionally we feed the birds alfalfa, kelp for minerals, oyster shells for hard egg shells, a probiotic to help them maintain a healthy guy and we also feed them grit (granite bits) to assist their digestion. 


Our eggs can be purchased from our self-serve Farm Store in the barn at Codman Community Farms in Lincoln and can also be found at various retailers in the area.

Our growing list of partners that retail or serve our eggs include :

  • Debras Natural Gourmet, West Concord
  • Hutchins Farm, Concord, seasonally
  • Barrett's Mill Farm, Concord, seasonally
  • Walden Woods Farm, Concord, seasonally
  • Sofra, Cambridge, seasonally
  • 80 Thoreau restaurant, Concord, seasonally
  • Brookline Grown market, Brookline, seasonally
  • World PEAs CSA, Lowell, seasonally for their CSA members

Our eggs are not graded or sized with shell color varying from light brown to dark chocolate brown. While each carton contains a mixture of sizes, the total weight always equals at least what a normal "large" carton would weigh. The eggs are beautiful inside and out and will no doubt be the best you've ever tasted. Eggs are $8.00 /Jumbos, $7.50 / dozen, $4.00 / half-dozen direct from us. For a short time in spring, we sell pullet eggs from our newly laying (young) hens (their first eggs until they size up) for $5.00/dozen.