At our new farm store you will find a wide variety of our own pasture-raised and organic-fed proteins, along with a growing assortment of locally-sourced value added products. Our pasture-raised proteins, including heritage pork, chicken, 100% grass fed beef, and eggs, are of the highest quality and are all grown right here in Lincoln by our farm staff. We also sell locally-grown fresh produce year round, either sourced right from our own gardens and orchards, or from other local growers.

Value added products currently available in the store include Real Pickles organic fermented products, SideHill Farm Yogurts, Smith Country Cheeses, Fire Cider, local honey, shrubs, jams, rubs, salts, dried beans, maple syrups, and more.  All products are available in our self-serve store and conveniently priced and bar coded for your simplified checkout and convenience using -  our iPad based self-checkout terminal. We now accept cash, check, credit cards, and our new CSA card!

The Farm Store is OPEN YEAR ROUND!

58 Codman Road, Lincoln (just inside the main barn!)

We are LOCAL, so we BUY Local!

We carry all of these items in our Farm Store…